Future house.

My dream is to one day design, and build my own house. Maybe this will change. But I am a sucker for clean, white spaces, with crisp lines, the contrast between white, and natural wood. Along with steel & wood. Things that will never change, I LOVE LOVE LOVE lighting. Natural light in my opinion is one of the most taken for granted things. So architecture, buildings that create such beautiful light is a must. Along those lines, windows, lots of lots of windows. I like privacy don't get me wrong, but I love the outdoors more. 

Ceilings made w/wood in geometric patterns and lines a must.

Windows, with beautiful light.

Stone ,wood, and gold!

Clean, simple, and great lighting of course.

Also a sucker for wood flooring, and check out that ceiling :) LOVE.


Architecture built to form around nature, and into the landscape.

First blog post...

I am going to utilize my website, to post designs/ art that I love. I am a graphic designer, but I love all different forms of art. When I am doing my designs, especially editorial (my fave) I love to pull architecture for inspiration, the shapes, the geometry it creates, clean, sharp, organic, all the above. Love it. 

Besides designs/architecture I love, I want to start posting photography I take when I am out and about, paintings/drawings I do in free time, and also some of the projects I am working on as well.

Stay Tuned:)